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Social Intelligence

Breaking Through the Agency Clutter

In a sea of competing marketing messages, it’s tough  to stand out from the competition, win new accounts and  consistently demonstrate your agency’s value to your clients. Delivering big ideas and better results than other agencies will keep you one step ahead.  Those big ideas are born out of strong social intelligence; they spring from the ability to analyze market research and big data sources to see something others don’t. The ForSight™ Platform enables you to do just that.

iReach uses a patented, teachable algorithm: the smarter and more inquisitive you are, the better it works.

How it Works for Agencies

Know you are working with insights into big data that the client hasn’t seen before. The best insight always wins.

Uncover the issues and themes that resonate with the target audience right now.

Know how your client’s  target audience will perceive and respond to the message.

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