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iReach offers statistically advanced consumer preference analysis in the form of choice based conjoint analysis. Conjoint analysis is a powerful, statistically robust tool which is widely used for product development, evaluation and pricing. It is used to help understand what drives consumer behaviour; specifically, what product features are preferable among consumers and what prices consumers are willing to pay for a product or service. To learn more about the benefits of Data Analytics check our Resources below.


iReach Analytics Social Media Audit

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How agencys can deliver great client service using Social Media Insights

Coca-Cola Brand Reputation Management Case Study

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How agencies can deliver great client service using Social Media Insights


 graphUnderstanding the business value in Social Media, is impossible without a powerful tool that breaks down the “big data”.

iReach recently took two very different campaigns and performed an independent analysis on the public conversation happening on Social Media in Ireland.

Being able to analyse local stories from campaigns in Ireland is part of the beauty of how we use our tool ForSight. Just as a multinational brand monitors global sentiment, so to can local brand companies and agencies in Ireland.

Irish people usually have a unique sentiment perspective, which we can observe accurately and efficiently using ForSight, sarcasm and colloquialisms are understood and analysed.

At iReach we believe “Social Listening” forms the first stage of the Social Intelligence process. But don’t forget there is more to look at than just listening… At iReach, we listen, analyse insights and apply insights to business/marketing strategy, this is Social Intelligence. Click Here for more.

If you have any questions on this report, give us a call below.



Latest Case Studies


Reaction to the possible cancellation of all Garth Brooks concerts

iReach performed a Social Media Insights analysis of the major buzz in conversation about the Garth Brooks concerts in July 2014. We observed the worldwide conversation trending about the issue. How is Ireland being received on the international stage, want to find out?  Just click here!

#OITNB Orange is the new Black, the show everyone is talking about

At iReach Analytics, we believe in delivering insights from the most current and up to date topics and social phenomena. #OITNB is just that, we analysed Irish Twitter conversations over the launch week of the highly anticipated season 2.  The buzz and positivity was enormous and the data tells us that Netflix Ireland experienced a rise of 45% in mentions since the season 2 launched on Friday 6th June.

If you are interested in Social Media Intelligence or have a conversation you want analysed please get in touch with our team today and we can arrange a meeting walkthrough.

Read, enjoy and let us know what you think.

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Sky and the GAA, an Irish Sponsorship driving Social Media Conversation

The announcement that Sky had secured the rights to broadcast our own GAA games, drove a large online Social Media Conversation in March/April 2014. iReach examined the impact of this new deal with Irish Social Media influencers. This conversation drove over 5,000 posts in a very short period, indicating not only the importance of sport in our culture but also of “sports sponsorship”. The results of our examination are fascinating, there are a variety of differences in opinion coming through, a growing media and celebrity presence voicing their opinion in the conversation and a breakdown gender analysis of the major opinions. Check out this case study below and stay with iReach for more case studies coming soon.

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iReach Analytics at The #Oscars2014

iReach took to Twitter on the 2nd of March to highlight the key Social Media conversations coming through Twitter in Ireland about The Oscars. We, as an Irish research agency undertook a live Irish Social Media tracking of the biggest event in the entertainment calendar. See our key findings about the buzz and sentiment in our April newsletter. We drove a buzz with some of Ireland’s major social influencers and increased our own follower base by 5% as a result of the activity.

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iReach Analytics at The #IRLvITA match (Brian O’Driscoll’s last time in the green jersey)

Following our success and sheer fun of covering the Oscars conversation in Ireland, iReach focused on an event that pulled on the “social” heartstrings of Ireland and undertook a live Social Media match report for BOD’s final home game at The Aviva Stadium. We highlighted the major buzz about the O’Driscoll’s that weekend and some other major people taking part in the conversations. Check out these insights in our April newsletter.

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iReach Analytics on new Irish manager appointments

As one of our first Social Intelligence case studies, we examined the Social Media impact around the change in Irish soccer managers last year. There are interesting connections between Martin O’Neil and Roy Keane. We also uncovered the key positive and negative sentiment about the appointment and who was driving more conversation, whether positive or otherwise. In this analysis we analysed 3,831 posts coming in through Twitter and Facebook. We created a live stream to monitor the latest buzz and we uncovered the major opinion leaders.

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Stevia – How sweet is it really?

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iReach Presentations

Crimson Hexagon ForSight Platform Overview Sheet iReach Analytics corporate presentation 2014
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Crimson Hexagon ForSight Platform Overview Sheet WeightWatchers OMD Sampler Report
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Social Media Analysis eBooks and White Papers

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