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Understand What people are saying and Why

Why just measure positive and negative sentiment if you can uncover the exact themes, opinions and drivers of sentiment from global social media sources. We use the ForSight™ Platform  to uncover Social Sentiment using an advanced algorithm that displays large amounts of Social Data in a simple and intuitive way. Here is an example of the ongoing conversation themes about Irish Water

Who is talking…

We use our bulit in Klout® technology  to find your key influencer’s and also the most prolific authors about your relevant topics and themes. Klout® is the leader in online influence scoring. Our example below shows the conversation in Ireland from the most influential people about the upcoming Academy Awards Ceremony.

Where they’re talking…

With so much noise coming from online sources it can be very difficult to find where people are talking. We use geo-tagging to identify where in the world key Social Media conversations are happening. We can even calculate posts-per-capita for specific regions. Our example below shows the location and gender (based on Twitter Firehose meta data) of people in Ireland talking about a recent major sporting event.

When They’re talking and what Content Source it comes from

Data visualization can show when spikes or dips in conversation occur and how the discussion is trending over time. Our example below shows the recent conversations about “The Wolf Of Wall Street” globally. Irish Conversation is also included in this analysis.

What are Consumers and Audiences interested in Right Now

Adding another level of Insight to our Service we are able to discover what your audience is interested in and what they care about.We measure this Live or over any given time period.   Our example below shows Irish women talking about a well-known Cosmetics Brand and what they are interested in.   For more information and to see a list of specific services we offer click here.


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