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Are you delivering the programming your audience really wants?

What is your audience interested in and what are they talking about? What are they thinking when they consume your content and participate in your programming?   The answers to these questions, obtained through social media insights and analysis, can help you increase the relevance of your content and the viewership of your programming.

Whether you’re a TV network covering the next big news story or launching a new primetime sitcom, you want to understand where the public stands in order to engage and connect with your audience.

iReach Analytics is the social media analysis platform that effectively translates social media listening into the customer intelligence insights you can use.

How it Works for Media and Entertainment

Identify and respond to real-time opportunities with social media market research.

Maintain contact with the rapidly changing online conversations of your audience.

Make news shows, breaking news, and programming decisions that are based on reliable social media analysis to create content and programming that is more relevant to the audience.

How it works for Media and Entertainment

iReach Analytics provides the listening tools necessary to guide successful programming.  To learn more about social media insights from the ForSight platform Contact iReach for more details.

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