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Your customers are talking…but are you really listening?

It’s no secret that brands live and die by consumer opinion. Whether you’re launching a new product or breathing life into an old one, breaking a fresh ad campaign or dealing with a crisis, today you need more than research. You need reliable market research that provides timely insight into what your customers think. You need to know what’s being said and who’s saying it. You need knowledge that gives you direction, not just data, Big Data.

How It Works for Brands

With iReach Analytics  you’ll be able to:

Tap into billions of social media conversations  with valuable social media listening tools.

Use the patented social media monitoring and technology platform that’s also being used at Harvard as well as a growing number of universities around the world.

Avoid artificial results that don’t provide the business intelligence you need to make meaningful decisions.

Get answers faster and much more reliably.

Understand how the most engaged consumers think and feel about your brand.

Understand why consumers are choosing other brands over yours.

Understand how your advertisements and marketing are really perceived by your audience.

Understand who your brand’s influencers are , where to find them discussing your products, and how to  interact with them.

How it works for Brands

To see how the iReach Analytics social media analysis platform can positively impact your market research efforts,contact us today.

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