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iReach brings you Deep Insights from Data Analytic models focused on understanding Advanced Consumer Preferences, Segmentation, Pricing and Buyer Market Simulation.

It’s no secret that brands live and die by consumer opinion and choice. Whether you are launching a new product or breathing life into an old one, breaking a fresh Ad campaign or dealing with a crisis, today you need more than consumer research.

You need reliable market intelligence and data analytics that provides timely insights into what your customers think. You need knowledge that gives you direction maximising value from multiple data sources as well as Owned and Earned media.

Get a true 360 degree view of Social Media Conversations, Customer Feedback (VoC and CRM), Market Data and Analytic modelling to gain actionable insights for your business into what people think and feel about your Brand and Products .

Consumer Opinion Analysis

This is our way in looking at a large Consumer Conversations about a major car brand. Our service is the best way of looking at the true sentiment for your brand across all touch-points. All of the noise about your Brand or your Products is broken down into distinct categories, simple to understand and allowing you to take action and improve your business.

Consumer motivation in US of Blackberry Z10


Brand or Market Simulation

Adding even more value to our service, is our ability to accurately show you how your Brand or Product  is performing in the market against their biggest competitors.

Our example below is showing the key customer sentiment against two well known car brands. These analyses comprise of thousands of customer opinions from multiple touch-points, giving you control over how you react next. We see this as priceless Insight for your Brand.

Consumer motivation in US of Blackberry Z10



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